Setting up a Swim School

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Setting up a Swim School

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Running a Swim School and Learn to Swim Program

Are you thinking of setting up a learn to swim school? it can be highly rewarding, and if big enough – its a great way to earn a living, but there is a few things on your start a  swim school check list here below!


Tips for running a swim school:

Here is just a few tips for your consideration:

+ A suitable facility – to cover a full range of ASA levels you will require a pool that is at least 15m long, preferably with a 1.0 m depth.

+ Make certain you understand the demand in your local area

+ Develop a good strategy right for your area

+ Adopt a good teaching plan

+ Put in place a good ASA awards scheme 

+ Draw up a good business plan

+ Build a potential teaching team

+ Develop a risk assessment form

+ Arrange good Insurance

Seems like a lot to put in place, but don’t be put off! for more info on setting up a swim school contact the ASA, would will be happy to help.





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