Latex Swim Caps


Latex Caps – Min Order 200 units.

Latex Caps are a very popular swim cap that are easy to customise and are very stretchable. Latex caps are very versatile.With the proper care, latex swim caps can last a long time. They are not quite as strong as silicone caps so take care and wearing metal hair clips should be avoided due to potential piercing.

Latex caps are very stretchy and are non-porous, so if it is used in a warm environment they can trap a layer of warm air between the scalp and the cap, so when you get into the cooler water you have nice insulation on the head.
saints%ef%bc%8dv1They are a good price and take a good enough streamline effect for racing.

We have a range of great colours of latex swimming caps and they are bright and really stand out. Team and club logos look fantastic on all of our swim caps, and you can see how your logo will look on any of our swim caps in a draft completely free and with no obligation. Get A FREE Mock UP HERE

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They are supremely comfortable and are 100% Latex.We have a large number of colours and shades available, if you need a specific colour (such as a pantone colour) then please let us know and we will see if we can help!

Logos can only be printed in one colour on the latex caps.