Super Soft Silicone

Super Soft Silicone Caps

Providing the perfect bridge between High Quality Silicone and Latex is the Super Soft Silicone Cap, the Super Soft Silicone caps are perfect for Open Water Swimming Events, Swim Schools, Swim Clubs, Open Water Swimming Clubs, Triathlon Clubs.

Thinner and more cost effective than the high quality silicone, the super soft silicone cap provides good quality and durability, more than the latex can provide.

This is a great choice of swim cap for those that want a better quality than the latex, but perhaps isn’t putting their swimming caps through frequent and heavy wear, although some customers choose latex the Super Soft Silicone Swim Cap is fast becoming the general swim cap of choice, due to its quality and look.

Large Swim Schools are finding that these caps show Company logo well, sit on the head very well, and really look good, with a high quality shine, not found in the Latex Caps. We offer a FREE Mock UP!

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