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The New Bling Box Book It Now Here!

Our New on the road Bling Box

To book our new Bling box for your event just click HERE.

Our new out and about shop is the perfect thing for your event.

We do Hoodies, T -Shirts, Coats, Saddle Cloths and so much more. We cater for your event. Providing event merchandise designed for your event with your logo on.

Weather you need give aways such as T-Shirts and Swimming Caps we can do it.

We provide an onsite shop which is always a good draw with high quality customised goods. Everyone needs a bit of Sparkle in their life, so why not try our Customised Bling. High Quality Crystal and pin head designs in many colours and price ranges.

On site Heat Press Vinyl designs and customised logo’s done to order. T-Shirts and  Hoodies to suit all budgets and all ages. A new T-Shirt is a great treat for a small person who has spectated all day at an open water event or Triathlon.


From funny slogans to beautiful crystal designs the choice is yours.

So why not book us now and make your event even better. We cater for Equestrian, Triathlon, Swimming, Running, Open Water and any other event you can think of. We have an expert sales team who great everyone with a cheery smile and a can do attitude. If we can’t do it on the day you can place an order and postage is free to your door.

We can offer Embroidered customisation which is a pre order only and can be ordered for individual or whole club kits.

So give us a ring on 01209 612959 or drop us an email with your event and when it is and we can make a custom shop especially for your event and make the day even more memorable for all involved.

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Does Your Club Need a New Look?Full New Club Swimming Kit Here!

Do you need HELP with a new look Club Kit?

Designing a new fresh looking club Swimming  kit can seem a daunting task. Don’t worry here at Printed Swim Caps we can offer all the help you need. In conjunction with our sister site wether it’s just a new design for a swimming cap or a full new kit, We can Do It!


We have the most amazing quality Sublimated clothing range where your only limitation is your own imagination.

Tracksuits, Polo shirts,  Hoodies, Shorts and much more.

Any colour with any design. You get FREE individual names per top and bottoms. FREE Sponsor names and any design you like.

With a minimum order quantity of 10 units of mixed sizes if you want and a lead time of 4 weeks. Nothing could be easier.

We can offer a large range of OFF the peg options all customised with Vinyl, Embroidery, Bling or for large quantities Screen Printing with your logo or names.

With one off set up charges starting at £12.50 this could be an easy option for a smaller swimming club as individual items can be ordered.

Customised Swimming Caps

Customised Swimming Caps come in all Swimming cap types. We supply High Quality Silicone, Super Soft Silicone, Volume Caps, Dome racing Caps and Wrinkle Free Swimming Caps.

All can be designed with multiple colours in a design of your choice. FREE digital mock ups are provided for you to see and approve your new design. Although always bare in mind that the more colours you use the more expensive each cap is. The larger the order the cheaper they are as well. This is an important thing to consider when using a new design.

Please give us a call 01209 612959 for any queries you might have or if you are not sure which route to go down and we will Happily help you with your new club kit.

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Help The Planet Use Super Soft Silicone Swimming Caps For Events

Super soft Silicone Swimming Caps Over Latex

Super soft Silicone is becoming more popular as a replacement for Latex more and more. Events organisers are are starting to think of the carbon foot print made by holding their event.

Latex has a much larger carbon foot print as it is a natural occurring substance. The effect on the planet of harvesting the rubber carries a greater foot print than the manufacture of latex. This is something to consider if you are holding a charity fund raising event!

The price of Super Soft silicone comes out at a couple of pence more, but the effect on the environment is much greater. As event organisers I feel this is something to take into consideration when ordering Swimming Caps for your event. There is no point raising money for a charity and damaging the ozone at the same time. Many Eastern Countries are being pushed to reduce the quantity of latex they are producing in a bid to help the planet.

Super Soft Silicone as a swimming cap is far superior to latex swimming caps. If you want your event to be continuously advertised afterwards then a swimming cap that is harder wearing and far more comfortable is the way to go. This will then generate more entries next time by people seeing the swimming caps being worn after the event.

As we know a latex swimming cap has a far shorter lifespan and get sticky and drag on hair when used. They are also not as warm a Super Soft Silicone swimming caps to swim in.

You have a huge range go colour options with Super Soft Silicone Swimming caps and you can if you wish have more than a one colour print. Latex does not fair well when trying to print more than one colour and the second colour tends to peel off.

So next time you order for your event just think about your carbon foot print and in doing good for a charity make sure you are looking after your planet as well!



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Super Looking Swim Caps| Customised

The Importance of Super Customised Swim Caps

A swim team is just a swim team with-out its own identity, a swim team must have an identity, its highly important for team bonding and and unity, a swim team will swim better together if the squad is swimming as one! team strip such as tracksuits and bags, are extremely important at events, swimmers should wear their team kit as a priority when not swimming in a race or warm up cool down..


As well as tracksuits, hoodies, and T Shirts for swim team identity its also really important to have a great looking hi Quality Swim Cap, this maybe in the form of a dome race cap, and Classic Q Silicone cap or simply a cheaper sort silicone swim cap, which ever your team chooses your swim team logo is key to identity!

If your looking for a great deal on Custom Swim Caps CLICK HERE

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Swim Time Converter

Need to convert your swim times?

Are you looking to convert your swim times, easy to do with a swim time converter  we have several on offer! The main time converter you need if you are a swimmer has to be PULLBUOY  “PULL BOUY HAVE BEEN COVERING SWIMMING FOR 15 YEARS!!” news and info can be found on the pull buoy website,  second to pull buoy we have the swim converter on Swim Calc  then from here we have Swimming World Magazine – swim time converter  the swim world mag is one of the top swimming mags in the World!  and finally if your looking for a swim time converter try the swim time converter tool at Swim Swam 

Entry Time
Conversion Result
Pool Conv. Time
Not set
Not set
All conversions derived from UK ASA Equivalent Performance Tables

We provide a free mock up with all of our cap orders

a pad and pen to represent a free mock up

With the printed cap orders we do not charge a set up!

Our standard lead time is approximately 3 weeks.

a truck icone to represent lead time