Its time printed swim caps

The Open Water Season is just around the corner, ok, well its on its way.. it may be cold currently but there are signs its getting closer to spring, and if your really up for open water swimming now you may try printed swimming caps, or we really know swimming caps, just a swim cap not a printed swimming cap!

Any how enough about swimming caps, how about some advice on swimming, and swimming training, its really important to make your training different, kick sets, pull sets, and drill sets, low end aerobic swim sets, high end aerobic sets, sprint training sets, there are so many to choose from, here below is a basic sprint kick set, it can be done in under 30 mins, perfect if your short on time, any standard –

warm up



Main set

16×25 front crawl @ 60- max effort

6×25 choice not front crawl @ 60 -max effort


600 swim down!St-Ives-Swimming-Pool4