The New Bling Box Book It Now Here!

Our New on the road Bling Box

To book our new Bling box for your event just click HERE.

Our new out and about shop is the perfect thing for your event.

We do Hoodies, T -Shirts, Coats, Saddle Cloths and so much more. We cater for your event. Providing event merchandise designed for your event with your logo on.

Weather you need give aways such as T-Shirts and Swimming Caps we can do it.

We provide an onsite shop which is always a good draw with high quality customised goods. Everyone needs a bit of Sparkle in their life, so why not try our Customised Bling. High Quality Crystal and pin head designs in many colours and price ranges.

On site Heat Press Vinyl designs and customised logo’s done to order. T-Shirts and ¬†Hoodies to suit all budgets and all ages. A new T-Shirt is a great treat for a small person who has spectated all day at an open water event or Triathlon.


From funny slogans to beautiful crystal designs the choice is yours.

So why not book us now and make your event even better. We cater for Equestrian, Triathlon, Swimming, Running, Open Water and any other event you can think of. We have an expert sales team who great everyone with a cheery smile and a can do attitude. If we can’t do it on the day you can place an order and postage is free to your door.

We can offer Embroidered customisation which is a pre order only and can be ordered for individual or whole club kits.

So give us a ring on 01209 612959 or drop us an email with your event and when it is and we can make a custom shop especially for your event and make the day even more memorable for all involved.