How to Use a Swimming Cap

Putting on a swimming cap can be an uncomfortable experience if you do not know how or even worse you might accidentally end up ripping the swim cap. has put together this handy guide to make sure that you are putting on your swimming cap correctly.

Step 1

If you have long hair the first thing you will want to do is tie your hair back into a ponytail or bun. Avoid using clips or pins as sharp metal objects can tear the cap, particularly the latex, and even the silicone swim cap.

Step 2

Check the cap. The logo will most probably be on the front side of the cap. The back of the cap could be slightly cone shaped, this is to hold your hair.

Step 3

Place your hands inside of the cap as if you are holding a crystal ball, with rounded fingers (as to not to tear the cap) and move your hands apart to stretch the cap.

Step 4

Now put the cap on over your head. Start with the top back of your head and bring it forwards over your head.

When it comes to taking the swimming cap off, try and get your fingers underneath the cap to lift it off. Try not to dig the cap with your nails as this might cause the cap to tear.