Choosing The Right Swim Cap

Which Swim Cap is the right swim cap?

There is a little more to it when buying swimming caps that just what colour to have it. Check out this handy guide for all the essential information you need when choosing your swim caps.

Why is a swim cap needed?

To keep your hair out of your face firstly, but they also are important for protecting your hair from the chemicals in the water as well as protecting your ears and keeping your head warm.

Also for elite swimmers, the swim cap can make you more streamlined making for lap times even faster.

We can supply our caps in any colour, including pantone colours, and logos can be one colour or multiple colours.

Latex Caps

These are the lowest cost swim caps and they are thinner than the other types of swim caps. They are the most popular type of swim caps because of their fantastic prices.

The latex swimming cap is the right choice for you if you do not swim regularly, you need a basic swim cap only or if you are trying to keep the costs down!

Silicone Caps

These are thicker and much better quality than latex swimming caps, making them much more durable. This is the best choice of swim cap for regular swimmers that will be taking to the water often. They look fantastic and the silicone stands out and is bold.

The silicone swimming cap is the right choice for you if you are allergic to latex swim caps, you will want to use your cap frequently and you want a swim cap that looks fantastic. These really are great looking caps.

Lycra Caps

Lycra Caps are very lightweight and is very soft. Many people choose to use the lycra caps underneath the latex caps, for added comfort and extra warmth. This is a good choice for swimmers with longer hair.

The lycra swimming cap is the right choice for you is you want a cap that is a bit more comfortable than traditional swim caps, as well as a cap that will not pull your hair that other swim caps might. If you have no issues with chlorine water then this is a fine choice, or if you have long hair.

Neoprene Caps

This is the top material for swim caps. They are extremely soft and comfortable to wear, and will keep your head much warmer than the other types of swim cap. This is an ideal choice for open water swimming. The neoprene caps are very long lasting.

The neoprene swimming caps is the right choice for you if you are swimming in cold water as it really does help keep you warm. A great choice if you are willing to spend a little extra money, you are likely to end up saving money in the long run as they are so long lasting!
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Printed Clothing & Accessories

Why stop with swim caps?

We at Printed-Swim-Caps are able to produce your whole swim kit! Don’t just stop with the caps, we are able to provide you with polo shirts, t shirts, hoodies, bags, bottles and a whole lot more.

We specialise in large orders and whatever your requirements are get in touch with us and we will be able to provide you with what you need.