Polyester Caps

Polyester Swimming Caps

Polyester swim caps are unlike any other swim cap that we offer. Please allow for slight colour changes in your finished product : due to the material, it is often difficult to match the exact colour.  We can take orders of 200 units or more in any one colour of hat, this is due to the hats being made to order.

Providing the best comfort possible, this cap provides warmth and style.  The polyester cap is great for young swim schools, as the caps do not grip or give any real pressure to the head.  They still provide the same level of hygiene in the pool as the latex or silicone alternative.

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The caps are very easy to put on and pull off and they will not pull on your hair. If swimming in warm water, the polyester cap is a great choice as it will allow head to leave your head.request a quote icon


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