Get Super Soft Silicone Swim Caps Here

Super Soft Silicone Swim Caps

Super soft Silicone Swim Caps a re a great budget cap for those not wanting to use the less Carbon Foot print friendly Latex Swim Caps.

Super electric green swimming cap mock up. With Craven Energy in black

Super Soft Silicone

Is a thinner cap than your usual High Quality Silicone swimming cap which makes them much more cost effective. This is great for swim schools and events. They last much longer than a latex cap as they don’t go sticky. For small children they are much more comfortable to put on a as they don’t drag on hair as you put them on.

Another plus for the Super Soft Silicone Caps is that you can print multi coloured logo’s on them where as Latex are a one colour print only as layered prints tend to peel off. This makes it a more eye catching option for Events.

Cap size

Being that bit thinner than a standard Silicone Cap, Super Soft Silicone caps are have much more stretch than Standard Caps. This makes then a good cap for long hair. Giving much more comfort and avoiding the cap rising up all the time. Which leads to children in particular pulling at the sides of the and ending with a handful of ripped cap.


At only a few pence more expensive than Latex which does not have a good carbon foot print they are a great choice for your event.

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