Open Water Swim Training With Hand Paddles

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Open Water Swim Training With Hand Paddles

The Open Water and Triathlon Season is well under way and many swimmers are now taking their swim training out into open water, which is great, but do you ever wonder if the standard “mile across the bay or lake” is really improving your fitness to compete at the level you desire?

In the pool it’s easier to hit your targets with the aid of a pace clock on the wall and the mere fact that you have a fixed distance, typically a 25-50m pool, to swim up and down in. During your open water swim training it’s not quite as easy; many swimmers just swim a set distance and may well just swim at a fixed pace and this may not necessarily get you race fit, if that is what your goal is. What about something different…

Using Hand Paddles during your Open Water Session


Try spicing up your session by using hand paddles. Providing the wind is light so there is limited chop, hand paddles can really spice up your session. Using them for short sets rather than a non-stop mile swim could be the best approach. For some variety and training benefiit, try these simple but stimulating open water swim sets using your hand paddles.

As always just before swimming off with hand paddles on you may wish to consider some mobility on the shore line, 6-8 minutes should be enough to warm you up. Also try free swimming (without the use of hand paddles) of around 8-10 minutes as this will prepare your arms and shoulders reducing the risk of injury.

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Blank Swim Caps

Blank Swim Caps

Of course, if it is simply blank swim caps that you are after then we can supply those too. Can be your choice of either latex or silicone depending on your preferences.

Can be one of any colour, here are the majority of our colour range, but if you have a specific colour in mind, please ask us using the contact email and we should be able to provide them for you! Also available is the option to mix and match as you like.

Swimming caps can be customised to any design you like, your logo, your school, your swim club, blank swim caps can be highly useful, however your club logo can add great value to your Team Stripe or Sports Uniform.


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High Quality Silicone Swim Caps

The High Quality Silicone Swim Caps

Our High Quality  Silicone Swim caps are made from a high quality silicone this cap being more durable than other swim caps as well as being hypoallergenic. Silicone swim caps are also one of the most common swim caps on the market.With proper care and treatment, silicone caps will last a very long time. They can be pierced by sharp objects but they are more resistant than latex caps. The high quality silicone swimming caps are 50g in weight, this gives you a great quality feel and will stand up to the regular use of club swimming.

Silicone caps are the more popular choice for regular swimmers as they are very comfortable, and fit well without having to be tight. They are super stretchy and do not pull on the hair.

Swimming caps are an important part of swimming for multiple reasons, they will help you go a little faster, or help you stay a little warmer, or help protect your hair form the pool chemicals and the sun.


We can offer any pantone colour of cap, so we can match your club design perfectly, just give us the pantone colours used and we will match it! this way you can get the silicone cap that is right for you.  Team and club logos look fantastic on all of our swim caps, and you can see how your logo will look on any of our swim caps in a draft completely free and with no obligation. Your Swim Team image is important, we offer an amazing colour way and have 10 years experience!

Please let us know your requirements for your silicone swim caps and we can get a mock up done free of charge to see how your team swimming caps will look!  Simply email us your event, school or club logo in the any of the following formats: PNG, JPG, AI, PDF, SVG, GIFF.



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Latex Swimming Caps

Latex Swim Caps  Have A Minimum Order Quantity of 25 units.

Latex Caps are a very popular swim cap that are easy to customise and are very stretchy. Latex caps are very versatile with the proper care, latex swim caps can last a long time. They are not quite as strong as silicone caps so take care and wearing metal hair clips should be avoided due to potential piercing.

These swimming caps are perfect for open water events, triathlons or sponsored events when you need them in large quantities, they are a great source of advertising.

Give us a call or email for a quote: Tel: 01209 612959  or 

Latex caps are very stretchy and are non-porous, so if it is used in a warm environment they can trap a layer of warm air between the scalp and the cap, so when you get into the cooler water you have nice insulation on the head.

     They are a good price and take a good enough streamline effect for racing.

We have a range of great colours of latex swimming caps and they are bright and really stand out. Team and club logos look fantastic on all of our swim caps, and you can see how your logo will look on any of our swim caps in a draft completely free and with no obligation.           

They are supremely comfortable and are 100% latex.We have a large number of colours and shades available.

Logos can only be printed in one colour on the latex caps.



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Choosing The Right Swim Cap

Which Swim Cap is the right swim cap?

There is a little more to it when buying swimming caps that just what colour to have it. Check out this handy guide for all the essential information you need when choosing your swim caps.

Why is a swim cap needed?

To keep your hair out of your face firstly, but they also are important for protecting your hair from the chemicals in the water as well as protecting your ears and keeping your head warm.

Also for elite swimmers, the swim cap can make you more streamlined making for lap times even faster.

We can supply our caps in any colour, including pantone colours, and logos can be one colour or multiple colours.

Latex Caps

These are the lowest cost swim caps and they are thinner than the other types of swim caps. They are the most popular type of swim caps because of their fantastic prices.

The latex swimming cap is the right choice for you if you do not swim regularly, you need a basic swim cap only or if you are trying to keep the costs down!

Silicone Caps

These are thicker and much better quality than latex swimming caps, making them much more durable. This is the best choice of swim cap for regular swimmers that will be taking to the water often. They look fantastic and the silicone stands out and is bold.

The silicone swimming cap is the right choice for you if you are allergic to latex swim caps, you will want to use your cap frequently and you want a swim cap that looks fantastic. These really are great looking caps.

Lycra Caps

Lycra Caps are very lightweight and is very soft. Many people choose to use the lycra caps underneath the latex caps, for added comfort and extra warmth. This is a good choice for swimmers with longer hair.

The lycra swimming cap is the right choice for you is you want a cap that is a bit more comfortable than traditional swim caps, as well as a cap that will not pull your hair that other swim caps might. If you have no issues with chlorine water then this is a fine choice, or if you have long hair.

Neoprene Caps

This is the top material for swim caps. They are extremely soft and comfortable to wear, and will keep your head much warmer than the other types of swim cap. This is an ideal choice for open water swimming. The neoprene caps are very long lasting.

The neoprene swimming caps is the right choice for you if you are swimming in cold water as it really does help keep you warm. A great choice if you are willing to spend a little extra money, you are likely to end up saving money in the long run as they are so long lasting!













We create the best quality swim caps and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Here are some of the latest swim caps we have produced!

Printed Clothing & Accessories

Why stop with swim caps?

We at Printed-Swim-Caps are able to produce your whole swim kit! Don’t just stop with the caps, we are able to provide you with polo shirts, t shirts, hoodies, bags, bottles and a whole lot more.

We specialise in large orders and whatever your requirements are get in touch with us and we will be able to provide you with what you need.


We provide a free mock up with all of our cap orders

a pad and pen to represent a free mock up

With the printed cap orders we do not charge a set up!

Our standard lead time is approximately 3 weeks.

a truck icone to represent lead time